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what I wore the nyaf [Jan. 11th, 2009|07:56 pm]
Nice Lolita-chans!!
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Hello ,

I wore this a few months ago to go to barns and noble with my bf and what I wore to the NYAF .


[User Picture]From: kuronekohime
2009-01-12 01:07 am (UTC)
I should really get me a fruits parlor skirt. I really like your hair in the second one.

BTW, your icon is kinda scary! lol
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From: simply27
2009-01-12 05:40 am (UTC)

thank you

thank you , well I tried for anime fest lol with the hair I tend to do better with old fashion hair styles. i suck with lolita styles , as for my user pic i enjoy makeing scary pics im a horror fan i love ghosts and that one is one I made up .
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[User Picture]From: chikari
2009-04-12 08:43 pm (UTC)
Wow your outfist are always super kawaii!! ^_^
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From: simply27
2009-04-13 04:51 am (UTC)

Thank u

Awww Thank you chikari, you are too nice , Ill be posting other pics soon .
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